ColorfulCrab™ 8-Piece Baby Silicone Tableware Set

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Introducing the ColorfulCrab 8-Piece Baby Silicone Tableware Set, a delightful and practical addition to your child's mealtime. This set includes a Cup, a Bowl, a Plate, a Tray, and a Bib, all featuring a charming crab design in both wooden and silicone materials. Designed with non-slip features and made from BPA-free materials, it ensures a safe and mess-free feeding experience for kids. These vibrant pieces are not only easy to clean but also perfect for differentiating between siblings during mealtime, making them ideal for birthday parties or cozy family gatherings.


  1. 8-Piece Set: This comprehensive set includes a Cup, a Bowl, a Plate, a Tray, and a Bib, providing everything your child needs for mealtime.

  2. Charming Crab Design: The crab design adds a touch of fun and vibrancy to mealtime, making it enjoyable for kids.

  3. Non-Slip Feeding: Each piece is designed with non-slip features to prevent spills and messes during feeding.


  1. Ease of Cleaning: The silicone and wooden materials are easy to clean, ensuring convenience for parents.

  2. Safety First: All components of the set are BPA-free, ensuring a safe and healthy mealtime for kids.

  3. Color Coding: With a variety of colors, this set makes it easy to assign a color to each sibling, simplifying mealtime organization during gatherings or at home.

Choose the ColorfulCrab 8-Piece Baby Silicone Tableware Set to bring fun and practicality to your child's mealtime. These colorful and non-slip pieces are designed with safety and convenience in mind, making mealtime a breeze for both kids and parents.

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